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Alys Fowler Says:

Finally, an easy to use guide on how to get a community group up and running. This is a brilliant resource for anyone who wants to gather some like minded people together to get gardening. Now all you have to do is get out there and garden!

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Using the power of community to grow food

Unlike many other community growing initiatives Grow Zones equips people to use the power of community to grow fruit and vegetables in their own gardens, rather than a shared piece of land. This makes it a simpler process, with a much quicker and rewarding impact.


Designing raised beds layout to maximise growing space.

If you’ve decided to design a raised bed system for your growing area, think about how you can maximise the available growing are. This also applies to a vegetable bed design where you don’t want to ever compact the soil by walking on the earth. I had ...


Grow Zones on the map Spring 2011

Grow Zones kits have gone all over the UK so far this year. Here is a map to show where.

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Not just healthy, wealthy and wise, Grow Zones could make you more beautiful too.

Grand claims I know but Grow Zones can rise to the challenge. A recent study published in the Journal of the Human Behaviour and Evolution Society has show that eating more fruit and vegetables and upping your caretenoid levels will give your skin golden tones.

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Kit news

Got the Facilitators Booklet + Participants Survey back from one printer today. Waiting for the Participants Booklet and the DVD to be finished and then the kit is ready for ordering. Update 16/11 Participants booklets have all arrived. The kit is now complete apart from editing one ...

Facilitator Training in Bristol

As an extra level of support we have arranged some training days for facilitators. You can facilitate Grow Zones with only the materials provided in the kit but if you’re new to growing, facilitation, reflective practice or permaculture you may appreciate the training which covers all of ...

Kit Publication News

The Grow Zones kit is written and is at the proof-reading stage and will shortly be printed in the next few weeks. The DVD will follow shortly afterwards.